Wind turbines to be “especially” taxed by 1.5% of their value

Wind turbines to be “especially” taxed by 1.5% of their valueStarting January 1st 2014 a new law will come into force, regarding special construction owners obliging them to pay a new tax of 1,5% of the construction value.

Until now, special construction was exempted from paying this tax, but this situation changed after officials adopted and published an Emergency Ordinance amending the Tax Code.

In the “special construction” category are also included the wind turbines, whose value per installed MW sometimes exceeds 1 million euros. Thus, a simple calculation shows that the average turbine capacity of 2.3 MW and a total of about 1,100 wind turbines reach a tax of 40,000 euros / per turbine and a total/wind sector of over 30 million.

The Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania is warning that introduction of a new tax will lead to increasing the final price of energy for the consumers as providers will have to cover this cost by adding value to transmission and distribution tariffs.

Source: Energy Online

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