The Indonesian Geothermal Association is prepared to receive it's guests for the 5th Edition of the Indonesian Geothermal Fair and Exposition

    The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) organises the 5th Edition of the Indonesian Geothermal Fair and Exposition. This event's prime objective is to raise awareness towards geothermal energy as a valuable resource and a strong potential power source that can replace fossile fuels with great efficiency and low costs. Also, it presents inovations regarding the use of geothermal energy.


    The Indonesian Geothermal Association is one of the leading authorities in the area; as such, this organisation is hosting this year's 5th edition of the forementioned event from 2nd to 4th of August 2017 at the Jakarta Conventions Center.


    While last year's edition, the event welcomed a bit over 5.000 visitors, this year's numbers estimate over 10.000 participants. Being one of the most important events in the region, the Indonesian International Geothermal Fair and Convention brings together leading companies of the industry alongside government officials, other nations' representatives, business associations, scholars, NPOs, etc.

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