Romania tops the EU countries on biomass installations

Romania tops the EU countries on biomass installationsThe results of the research and development BioMaxEff project, supported by the EU by mean of the 7th Framework Programme are showing that in 2010, in all the 27 countries members of the EU were more than 5 million small biomass installations, most of them in Poland and Romania.

These two countries represented almost 30% of the total and other countries like Spain, for example, only had 80.000 units.

This report is also showing that between 2010-2025, wood boilers market will suffer a dramatic collapse of 40%, just like the woodchips boilers sector, with a 32% fall. In exchange, the pellet boilers field will represent a Hotpoint, with a 62% rise until 2017 and a constant decrease by 2025.

Another conclusion of this study is that the biggest potential in Europe is in those countries where the number of biomass installations is still small, like Estonia, Lithuania, Spain and Bulgaria.

Source: ExpoBioenergia

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