PV farm at a former military airport on the Baltic seacoast

Parc fotovoltaic in locul unui fost aeroport militar de pe coastra germana a Marii BalticeA new photovoltaic park was developed in partnership by the SunEnergy Europe and BayWa r.e. companies, with an installed capacity of 8.2 MW.

The necessary surface for this project is nine hectares, part of a former military airport on the german coast of the Baltic Sea. The two companies have also built last year another PV farm, 31.5 MW capacity, on a conversion military area.

According to the two companies’ representatives, the solar park area first needed decontamination, because of the remnants of ammunition, so the actual construction of the plant started one month later.

Furthermore, the developers asked the opinion of an evaluator expert, which certified that the installed photovoltaic modules will not affect the pilots flying over.

Source: Sun & Wind Energy

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