Over 150 billion litres of biofuels by 2016, globally

Over 150 billion litres of biofuels by 2016, globally The most recent report published by the MarketsandMarkets company reveals that until 2016 150,975 litres of biofuels will be produced globally, especially in the emergent markets, with a CAGR of 8%.

Compared to 2010, when little over 107 billion litres were generated by the biogas installations with more than 85% of the amount only in the emergent markets, countries that now have a high growth rate are Sweden, Colombia, India and Thailand.

As the report says, the reason why the biofuel segment has developed so fast in the recent years is because of the authorities’ incentive support, low carbon emission rates, growing oil price as well as new technologies development now using algae and jatropha.

According to the MarketsandMarkets report, United States, Brazil and France are already mature biofuel markets, while India, Spain and Thailand are in growth stage and others like Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium are in an early stage of biofuel generation.

Source: Renewable Energy Focus

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