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This year's ROMENVIROTEC will be welcoming it's guests in October from 11 to 14th

    ROMENVIROTEC 2017 is an event that approaches the environmental protectiei problem, ways to prevent excessive pollution and energy saving, recycling and so on. In the center of the event are waste disposal, inovations regarding water treatment, recycling and waste treatment techniques.

The 'ExpoEnergiE' 2017 Fair will take place in September in Bucharest at ROMEXPO Expositional Center.

     'ExpoEnergiE' is an event dedicated to the Energy Industry and Petrol Industry and it's an opportunity for interaction between specialists in these areas of expertise. This event's purpose is to promote the local potential for attracting investors. During this event, senior representatives of these fields of practice will present their products and inovations or negociate with supply dealers.

'ICCI 2017' celebrates this year's 23rd edition of the event.

    “ICCI 2017” Fair and Exposition is an event dedicated to the global energy sector, but it also approaches themes like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Inovations on the Renewable Energy market, on a global scale but mostly Turkey. Also, the event will debate matters like Energy and Geopolitical Balances, Energy Dialogue between Europe and Turkey, Various Strategies of approaching Energy Efficiency in Turkey considering Today's Conditions, Energy Policies, Legislations and Practices, as well as technical subject such as Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Developments in the Renewable Energy Market, Conventional Energy Technologies, Operation and Mantenance of Power Plants, Cogeneration, Micro-Cogeneration and Tri-Generation Systems, Environment and Recycling Systems, New Technologies and applications, Energy Trade, Energy Softwares, Nuclear Power, Natural Gas and Petroleum, Financing for Energy Projects and Energy Law; all of these subjects will be approached from both a national and international point of view.

EC’s decision for changing feed-in tariffs – no sooner than March 2014

EC’s decision for changing feed-in tariffs – no sooner than March 2014During the “Romanian Solar Summit 2013 – Meet the PV market!”, which took place on 19th of November 2013, Zoltan Nagy, one of the Regulatory Board in ANRE, said he’s not expecting the European Commission’s decision regarding changing feed-in tariffs sooner than March 2014.

Green energy project developers could remain without the green certificates

Green energy project developers could remain without the green certificatesThe Energy Department from Economy Ministry has recently edited a proposal for the Romanian government in order to stop supporting green energy projects with green certificates.

 In the document they say that in the last years installed capacity in Romania has grown exponentially, from 469 MW in 2010 to more than 2.300 MW in 2012, so a limit was needed.


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