'ICCI 2017' celebrates this year's 23rd edition of the event.

        ICCI 2017” Fair and Exposition is an event dedicated to the global energy sector, but it also approaches themes like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Inovations on the Renewable Energy market, on a global scale but mostly Turkey. Also, the event will debate matters like Energy and Geopolitical Balances, Energy Dialogue between Europe and Turkey, Various Strategies of approaching Energy Efficiency in Turkey considering Today's Conditions, Energy Policies, Legislations and Practices, as well as technical subject such as Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Developments in the Renewable Energy Market, Conventional Energy Technologies, Operation and Mantenance of Power Plants, Cogeneration, Micro-Cogeneration and Tri-Generation Systems, Environment and Recycling Systems, New Technologies and applications, Energy Trade, Energy Softwares, Nuclear Power, Natural Gas and Petroleum, Financing for Energy Projects and Energy Law; all of these subjects will be approached from both a national and international point of view.  

       Turkey is on the 19thposition in the “green” energy rankings with 242 billions kWh according to the polls. This year the 23rdedition of this event will take place at the Expositional Center in Istanbul from 3rdto 5th of May 2017.


        For more informations regarding the event:

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