German-Polish Geothermal Day at the GEO-T Expo

Geothermal Industry Will Meet International Customers at Messe Essen

The GEO-T Expo will open up new markets for the international geothermal industry. In 2014, a special matchmaking programme will bring German and Polish energy specialists together at Messe Essen. The "German-Polish Geothermal Day" on November 13 will concentrate on the current developments in both countries as well as on the initiation of business for geothermal projects. The German Geothermal Association (GtV-BV) and the Polish Geothermal Society (PSG) have issued invitations. The workshop will be supported by the Consulate-General of the Republic of Polandand the EnergyAgency.NRW. In advance, any interested participants from companies and institutions will already be able to make appointments for discussions with other representatives of the sector.

Geothermics have a considerable potential not only in Germanybut also in the neighbouring country Poland. That is being shown by functioning prime examples. For instance, a geothermal district heating station in Zakopane, Poland has been supplying over 3,000 households with district heating for 20 years. "The project is regarded as one of the largest on the European mainland," Dr. Eckehard Büscher, co-organiser of the workshop and Director of the International Geothermal Office at the International Geothermal Center in Bochum (GZB), knows that from experience. "At the same time, coal, natural gas and wood-firing installations are the dominating factors for the Polish energy supply."

German and Polish Experts Will SoundOut Chances for Cooperation

In 2013, GZB already analysed the market in Polandon behalf of the German Federal Environmental Foundation. Accordingly, geothermal installations there supplied a total of 445 megawatt-hours of thermal energy in 2012. Inthis respect, 115 megawatts were accounted for by district heating stations and the rest by heat pumps. In comparison with this, installations with a thermal power of 4.2 gigawatts had already been installed in Germany at the end of 2013. The workshop at the GEO-T Expo will deal with precisely such examples as multipliers for future projects.

The "German-Polish Geothermal Day" will already be the second bilateral event. An initial meeting took place in Cracow, Poland at the end of 2013. "Now, we are pleased about the return visit of the Polish geothermal sector," according to Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO of Messe Essen. "As a meeting place of the international geothermal industry, the GEO-T Expo will be the ideal platform for this purpose."


On the "German-Polish Geothermal Day", experts from both countries will not only examine the political and legal outline conditions for deep and shallow geothermics. A targeted matchmaking programme will offer participating companies the chance to establish contacts along the complete value added chain in situ. "Emphasis will be placed on drilling processes, technologies as well as the above-ground infrastructure and its suppliers on both markets," explains the co-organiser Dr. Eckehard Büscher. "With the event, we want to bring partners together for projects because there is a demand from Poland. The first meeting already resulted in concrete orders for some representatives of the sector." Already in advance of the workshop, any interested participants will this year therefore be able to select which representatives of the sector they want to contact during the matchmaking event.

Registrations for the workshop inEssen on November 13 can be made at (menu item: "Termine").

For further information, any interested parties can get in touch with Leonard Thien from the Geothermal Energy Network of EnergyAgency.NRW at as well as with Eckehard Büscher from the International Geothermal Office at

The contact for the GEO-T Expo is Mrs. Anna Pietler, e-mail:, telephone: +49.(0)201.7244-742.

 The GEO-T Expo

The GEO-T Expo is the international trade fair for the geothermal industry in the energy metropolis of Essen. The event organised by Messe Essen GmbH in cooperation with Lorenz Kommunikation is the global marketplace of the sector and promotes the dialogue between manufacturers, users and researchers once per year. At the successful premiere in 2013, 120 exhibitors from 16 countries presented innovative technology and services for the utilisation of geothermal heat. The next GEO-T Expo will take place at Messe Essen on November 11 - 13, 2014. The Geothermal Congress "DGK 2014" will take place at the same time and in cooperation. At the central specialist event, over one hundred scientists and practitioners will introduce their current findings and projects. You can find further information about DGK at



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