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Fairs and exhibitions

The Indonesian Geothermal Association is prepared to receive it's guests for the 5th Edition of the Indonesian Geothermal Fair and Exposition

    The Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) organises the 5th Edition of the Indonesian Geothermal Fair and Exposition. This event's prime objective is to raise awareness towards geothermal energy as a valuable resource and a strong potential power source that can replace fossile fuels with great efficiency and low costs. Also, it presents inovations regarding the use of geothermal energy.

'ICCI 2017' celebrates this year's 23rd edition of the event.

    “ICCI 2017” Fair and Exposition is an event dedicated to the energy production industrial sector, but it also approaches themes like Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Technologies, Inovations on the Renewable Energy market, etc.

German-Polish Geothermal Day at the GEO-T Expo

GEO-T EXPOThe GEO-T Expo will open up new markets for the international geothermal industry. In 2014, a special matchmaking programme will bring German and Polish energy specialists together at Messe Essen. The "German-Polish Geothermal Day" on November 13 will concentrate on the current developments in both countries as well as on the initiation of business for geothermal projects. The German Geothermal Association (GtV-BV) and the Polish Geothermal Society (PSG) have issued invitations.

Book a place for the Annual South Caucasus Infrastructure & New Energy Investment Summit!

South Caucasuskeeps gaining momentum, most notably through its vast energy (including renewable) production and export. Environmental infrastructure is another main contributor to growth in the region. This area comprehends developments in construction, roads, railways and public transport, logistics, urban utilities, cleaning and waste recycling as well as of water supply and management.

'Energy Efficiency & Renewables' (EE & RE) and ‘Smart Cities'

The climate changes, natural sources depletion and the progress towards ‘circular economy’ drive the countries in South-East Europe to transform their energy and urban systems. Following the global trends and responding to the market demand of new environmentally friendly technologies, the South-East European Exhibitions and Eco Forum are a timely event in the Region. It plays an important role as a showcase and knowledge exchange platform for representatives of business, state authorities, branch organizations, media, etc.

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