Brewery using solar energy in Germany

Brewery using solar energy in GermanyIn a country like Germany, where beer is considered as being a traditional product, is not unusual to find next to breweries companies that provide heat for producing the drink.

What can be an interesting idea is for a brewery to be completely self-sufficient by only using bioenergy and solar energy in the process. This is the case of Hofmühl Brewery, which intends to invest in a CHP system to provide both heat and electricity for their business.

Actually, the owners installed in 2008 a solar system for hot water, that proved itself to be very efficient especially in the summer time, when the insolation is a higher level.

First, the installation will use 50% natural gas, but in the next 5 years the owners of the brewery intend to make the factory 100% self-sufficient by only using bioenergy and solar energy. The bioenergy will come from biomethane, made from brewer grains, surplus yeast and other waste products from the brewery.

Source: Sun & Wind Energy

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