Biogas plant project, financed by the Romanian Commercial Bank

Biogas plant project, financed by the Romanian Commercial BankThe Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) will supply a 6 million euros financing for building a biogas plant in Satu Mare County, having an installed capacity of 1,5 MW.

The investment belongs to an Austrian company, which has developed so far over 90 similar projects in other countries such as Italy, Czech Republic or the United Kingdom.

The CEO of the company says the generated electricity will cover the necessary for about 4.500 homes and the heat will be used for drying cereals in a special installation and at a fish farm. Final construction work is estimated to be done towards mid-2014, as well as the commissioning.

Tobias Waldemar Seiferth from BCR said the bank is interested in financially sustaining local economy, including the renewable energy generation field. So far, investors feared to develop biogas installations in Romania, primarily because of the difficult legislative climate and also due to the efforts in finding clients for selling the gas.

Source: Business Review

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